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When living alone is no longer an option

Testimonial - I arrive home last Christmas to find my mother so weak that she could not rise from her chair and my father, confused, sitting in his chair not knowing what to do. Having seen them on Thanksgiving Day, just a month before, I was so stunned that I wasn’t sure what to do. Twelve hours later, my mother was safely tucked into a hospital bed receiving the fluids that would help her regain her strength and my dad was in a bright, clean double-room at Brookview Nursing Center, where my mother would join him as soon as she was discharged from the hospital. All of this thanks to the help of the Brookview staff. Nearly a year later, Brookview has become home for them. And what a fine home it has come to be! My dad, whose career kept him in conversations with familiar faces all day, every day, has become nothing short of a social gad fly, making his way to the main gathering places at Brookview every chance he gets. My mother, not always having been a woman who pushed the envelope, has actually found herself on the back of a motorcycle. And I have the pictures to prove it! When I go to sleep at night, I rest well knowing that they are safe, cared-for, cared-about and watched over by a staff that is never more than a phone call away from me. As an only child, I always thought there would come a time when I was all they had. Wrong. A wonderful young couple - neighbors-go by on a regular basis. Friends from church. Their minister. And always there are the Brookview staff members. Oh, I’m still there for them. But I almost have to interrupt some of the goings-on at Brookview when I visit. Though sometimes I don’t bother. It is enough to stand back and just watch.” -Ramsey, daughter of Hoyle and Fern Ramsey.

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