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Facts about Brookview's Roof

Unfortunately, the misinformation just keeps going…… So…

I am going to post the following:

  • Construction Project Information that was submitted to DHEC for our new roof

  • DHEC letter of approval of Plan

  • DHEC Inspection of Roof at 50% completion

  • DHEC Final Inspection when roof was completed

Now I would like to discuss facts – vs- fiction: I will be dealing only with the facts.

  • Brookview had a new roof installed about a year ago.

  • Our roof did not collapse. We had a leak which caused ceiling tiles, the kind that become soggy and fall apart when they get wet, to fall. When a roof collapses you can see the sky in the area where the roof collapsed.

  • There were no occupied resident rooms involved

  • No residents were hit by ceiling tiles

  • No resident was injured in any way

  • Our total roof is 51,000 square feet. Only approximately 1,400 square feet had damage (Substantial?)

DHEC is aware of the situation. Both myself and our Corporate Environmental Services Director have spoken with them. I submitted a report to them regarding what happened and the actions by the staff. An inspector with DHEC Construction has been on site and confirmed that the facility did exactly what we should have done in this situation.

Our families have been very supportive and have offered their assistance if needed. I have had only one phone call from a family member regarding this situation. Once I gave her the real story she was fine. No families have removed their loved one from our care.

I will never understand why people find it necessary to respond to things written on Social Media without knowing for themselves if it is true. This type of drama only causes unnecessary pain and damage. It pulls us away from the things that are far more important. My co-workers are upset. We work hard to provide care that the families can no longer do. When they come to see their loved one, they can have quality time with them. We will never be able to do it a good as they can, but we sure try our best. Unfortunately, there are those who will find fault, where none exists. Those families who visit regularly know the facts and have been wonderful during this entire incident.

We at Brookview are done with this. People are going to believe whatever they want to. If you really want to know about our facility, come in and see for yourself. You will be welcomed. We have nothing to hide. We are all very proud of our facility.

Our number one priority is now and will always be our residents.

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